What Experts are Saying

“This book is a must read for any parent or guardian whose child is pursuing a career in show business. It is also a tremendous resource for any attorney, manager, or agent working in that area. Sally Gaglini delivers great wisdom, experience, and expertise.”

–Andrew Velcoff, entertainment attorney, Atlanta


“Finally! Disguised as a book for parents of talented children, this is a must read for all of us working with young talent in the entertainment industry, including parents of stars in the making. It makes the law accessible to everyone with Fair Play, contracts, and state rules featured. Sally Gaglini’s expertise and vast knowledge easily make this book the industry’s definitive go-to guide for parents and employers of young performers.”

–Anthony Resta, Paramount Studios, Los Angeles


“This book offers a wise, empathic, and masterful account of the opportunities and land mines of childhood stardom. Sally Gaglini has written the guide.”

–Zack Johnson, chief executive officer, Syndio, Chicago


“Especially for parents of young talent, this is one tremendous read and resource. Sally Gaglini takes a no-nonsense approach and offers invaluable need-to-know information about working kids in the business. Her generous assessments about the entertainment industry, and her in-depth understanding of the law and what parents and employers need, are spot-on and transformative.”

–Stanley Moger, president, SFM Entertainment LLC, New York


“Sally Gaglini’s book is an invaluable and enlightening parental guide for handling the emotional, educational, production, business, and legal pitfalls that can befall children who work in the entertainment industry.” –

-Stan Soocher, editor in chief, Entertainment Law & Finance; entertainment attorney; and associate professor, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado Denver

What Parents are Saying

Everything you need for your Child Performer in one place!

I really enjoyed this book! As the parent of someone who was once a “Young Performer” in the music industry, I always felt prepared but often learned the hard way about all the ups and downs families can encounter during such an exciting rollercoaster ride. If this book had been available then, we would have saved a great deal of money and time. “Young Performers at Work” is an outstanding guide for artists, performers, and their parents at any and all points along the journey to stardom. Sally Gaglini’s years of experience as well as her ability to tie her legal expertise with real-life stories of people we know of and some we may never hear about makes this a very interesting piece to keep in your toolbox. Great chapters on education, taxes, talent management, and more cover so much ground and truly make this THE reference guide.


A Must Read!

Wow! This is THE BIBLE on what to look out for when dealing with young talent. I only wish I had this at my fingertips when I was considering having my child model at a young age. Sally Gaglini gives you real first-hand knowledge and remarkable insight about cultivating the child performer —from scams, tactics, protections, money and contract issues and so much more. I learned so much. A very enjoyable read for those who are not working with young talent but are curious about the entertainment industry and how how child stars have fared in the past (Shirley Temple, Paul Petersen, etc.) and how they’re doing in the present. Well done!



Once a child performer & model myself, I found this book so interesting. Now as a mother, with a talented & eager child, I found this book a critical read. Thank you for all of the information and devotion to this field. We are far more prepared than we ever thought we could be!!


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